Our Classes & Workshops

Nurturing First steps courses

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Supporting your baby from birth to 7 months

This course consists of 5 classes which are 1.5 hours long and will involve you taking part in a variety of activities with your baby that will aid their physical, language and sensory development and will give you the confidence, knowledge and experience to continue them at home.
Throughout the course we will be joined by a variety of different specialists conducting demonstrations and providing support and advice for you and your babies health and well-being needs such as baby wearing, breastfeeding, weaning, tummy time, first aid, baby massage/yoga, reflexology and sleep.
Supporting materials will be provided throughout.
These classes will provide a non-judgemental environment where you can meet other parents that are going through the same parenting journey as you.

Inspiring first steps

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focusing on your developing baby from 6 to 15 months

Over the 4 week course we will be covering the following areas:

- Discovery/messy play - we will be allowing our babies to play with a variety of different items/messy play stations that interests them so as to promote curiosity and to stimulate crucial neural connections in their brains. It will involve them investigating the world around them and developing an in-depth understanding of the items they are exploring.
- Creative play - During our creative play session our babies will be creating, imagining and expressing themselves using a variety of materials.
- Music and movement - this session we will be nurturing our babies development through dancing and singing in a supportive, flexible and playful environment
- Our final session is where I will be providing you with an Intro into your child’s development - ‘what to expect & when’ linked to the Early years Foundation stage framework. I will
Also be talking about what to think about when looking for childcare for your little one

Tummy time to first steps course

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Suitable for babies from birth to crawling

During this Tummy time course we will be:
- Exploring why tummy time came about and the history behind it
- why it is so important to do tummy time and what benefits it has for you and your baby
- learning and practising lots of different tummy time positions and techniques that will help support your baby’s physical and social milestones through the use of fun activities and songs
- exploring how different props can aid tummy time with your baby
- learning and practising a variety of massage & yoga moves with your baby to aid tummy time

First steps to starting solids workshop

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Have you just started introducing your baby to solid foods or are you just about too?

Starting solids is a whole new chapter for you and your baby and it can feel a bit daunting, but our First steps to Starting solids workshop can provide you with that much needed support and guidance.

We will be covering everything you need to know when starting this journey with your baby so that you can make your own informed decision as to what is best for you and your baby.

This 2hr hour workshop will cover:
- The how, why and when to start your
babies starting solids journey
- Baby-led vs traditional purées
- What to do about milk feeds
- How do you know your baby is ready to
start - those physiological signs
- Presenting food and mealtime ideas
- the difference between gagging and
- Lots of Meal ideas and tips …and more.

Teething Workshop


Is your baby currently teething and you are struggling with what to do? then this could be the workshop for you...

This workshop will consist of three parts:
- You will learn gentle techniques for relaxing the foot and the whole baby. Gently applying pressure on certain reflex points on your babies feet will help calm them down during teething. You will some relaxation techniques and a short routine of treatment for teething that you can apply on the foot of your crying baby or do it every day as part of your routine for a 'happier' baby.
- You will have the opportunity to make your own baby safe silicone teething necklace

- We will be discussing signs and symptoms of teething and what different remedies are out there to help ease the pain and discomfort for your baby

Let's play...............


Themed play sessions for:
- babies under 12 months
- Toddlers aged 1-2 years

Interactive & fun themed sessions incorporating elements of:

- Sensory/Discovery play

- Active/physical play - including tummy time (babies), music & movement

- Imaginative play

These fun & interactive sessions will provide lots of new experiences for your baby/toddler to be able to learn and develop, through the use of songs, activities and toys in a nurturing & safe environment